Who we are?

We're an Industrial IoT solutions provider.

We provide our customers with industrial software and hardware solutions in energy sector to monitor and remotely control their rigs and devices that optimize performance and reduce cost.

With our deep knowledge in the field of industrial IoT, we provide our customers with real time charting and reporting data from the rig to the analysis finance department.

Our provided solutions are customizable to meet our clients' needs, the reports created or exported from our platforms are made according to the client's industry standards for better usability.


Software Solutions for the Industrial Energy Sector.

Oil & Gas, Oilfield Services, Renewable Energy.


A real-time data acquisition platform for Coiled Tubing Units, with cloud computing technology and engineered algorithms for string fatigue calculations and job analysis.
  • Real-time Data Acquisition
  • String Fatigue Calculations
  • Pre/Post Job Analysis
  • Flexible and Customizable
  • PLC integration Ready
  • Offline Data Recovery
  • Legacy Data Import
  • Permissions & Roles Management
  • Microsecond Resolution
  • Monthly Subscription


What's CoilNet?

It's a real-time data acquisition platform for Coiled Tubing Units that connects the Rig to its online platform through the internet using only the Rig's PLC unit with no hardware Integration needed.

How does it help coiled tubing companies?

Since coiled tubing strings are the most valuable asset in the coiled tubing process, CoilNet monitors and reports the whole process, and provides these data in real-time: String Fatigue Calculations, Pre/Post Job Analysis, job depth, speed, temperature, and pressure. It mainly alerts ahead and predicts any string's close to breakup status, plus reporting any abusive usage by the operator of string in real-time.

What's its process impact?

CoilNet facilitates the monitoring and reporting process in real-time and post job analysis, which in return provides a tremendous help for decision-makers to optimize the coiled tubing process for maximum utilization.

Does it need any hardware component?

No, it's a software platform that simplify connects to the Rig's PLC through internet, with minimal, secured, and optimized code Integration.

Can it be accessed remotely?

Yes, you can access CoilNet from PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphones through the internet. So you can access the reports and alerts of all your all over the world form one platform with a click of a button.

What's its financial Impact?

Through the real-time analysis of the string and the pre/post job analysis, you can easily calculate and predict the impact of the job on the used string to take needed actions ahead. You can also monitor the operator work in real-time, and revise through the reports and charts.

How much does it cost?

It's a monthly subscription-based platform. So you only pay for your usage only with no integration fees.