Case Study: Titanium’s Coiled Tubing IoT Solution

About the client (Titanium’s Coiled Tubing):

Collecting data from all the well sites in different locations remotely without the hassle of extracting stored data in the rigs and gathering it for later analysis and delayed actions taken.

Measuring the current string status and adjusting it with the impact of each job, string cuts, flips, and welds, enabling accurate data for making decisions and taking action.

Measuring the fluid used, pressure, speed and other environmental factors’ impact on the string.

Post job analysis and analyzing the historical data of any string and the jobs conducted using it to monitor the string’s status.

Monitoring the field operators’ performance using the CT rig.

Personnel management and in-field performance monitoring with the association of historical data and events related to any staff member.

Assets management, equipments maintenance and storage monitoring.

Financial reporting per each client and each job conducted, with an integration of data coming from the well site and string’s life usage, for clearer ROI and cost calculations.

Codovia’s Solution:

Our solution was a platform with primarily objective to monitor the wear and tear on coiled tubing strings used in the Oil & Gas wellsites in real time remotely, by calculating the bends fatigue and environmental factors with our engineered algorithms, through live integration with the rig control unit.

The platform captures and reports on the whole coiled tubing process for the tripped meters, used fluids, and standard environmental factors, all in real time.

It can also measure the financial impacts of the work performed by the unit on each job, allowing designated users the ability to adjust calculations in real time, generate forecasting, and export reports.

Tracking rig location using GPS.

The data collected can be from Rig located anywhere in the world as the platform runs in the cloud with the rigs connecting to the cloud directly through the internet.

There is no need for a static IP to be assigned to the PLC/Controller. If the rig goes offline from the internet, all the data is temporarily stored until the rig comes online again and the stored data can be broadcast to the platform.

Solution benefits and cost reductions:

The platform offers ease of access for the data in real time for any rigs monitored by the platform from anywhere in the world and access to the historical data and reports even when the rig goes offline.

Saving time for calculating the string’s bends cycles and fatigue as it’s calculated in real time while happening.

No need to take the time from engineers or managers to extract a report or get a historical data, as using our platform can do that with a click of a button instantly.

Saving the time of extracting the data from rigs and then present it in excel of charts, as the platform can display the data in a way more advanced way and also presenting historical data for each string, rig, and job.

Notifications and alerts for the currently performed jobs in real time for immediate actions if needed.

Actionable data availability in both financial and technical fields is the core benefit of the platform.

Organizational impact:

Our platform speeds up the production process and increases the productivity of the company as a whole, as the engineers and managers are free to focus on their core tasks while our platform does all of the technical and financial reporting heavy lifting.

Easier to bill and evaluate the billing for our customers to their clients.

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