A real-time data acquisition platform for Coiled Tubing Units, with cloud computing technology and engineered algorithms for string fatigue calculations and job analysis.
  • Real-time Data Acquisition
  • String Fatigue Calculations
  • Pre/Post Job Analysis
  • Flexible and Customizable
  • PLC integration Ready
  • Offline Data Recovery
  • Legacy Data Import
  • Permissions & Roles Management
  • Microsecond Resolution
  • Monthly Subscription

Communication Compatibility With PLC

CoilNet is fully compatible with a wide range of industry standard PLCs like Siemens, Unitronics, Allen Bradley, Mitsubishi, among others.

The platform offers direct communication with your coiled tubing unit’s PLC. Custom hardware interfaces are available if requested.

We take full responsibility of integrating your PLC’s with the platform.

Real Time Data Acquisition With Microsecond Resolution

The platform collects performance data from the unit’s PLC, calculates String Fatigue, and updates charts and reports, all in real time.

The data model is flexible. In addition to job depth, speed, temperature, and pressure, your custom and unique variables are coded into the algorithm.

With a failure safe algorithm built in, if the PLC/Control unit is communicating intermittently or sending data in the wrong order, it gets corrected automatically at the platform.

Pre/Post Job Analysis, Reporting, and Performance Monitoring
  • Every component of the job which includes string, unit, and fluid has its own report by date or job.
  • Custom reports in any executed job with filtering by any needed attribute.
  • Job's components report and analysis with attributes filtering.
Import & Merge Legacy Data With Duplicate Safe Algorithm
  • Import any old job's data that you have collected before having the platform.
  • Keep all your old data you have collected from any other different platforms or methods.
  • Import exported data from the platform with duplicate-safe mechanism.
Bad Internet & Offline Data Recovery

If the PLC/Control unit is online, the platform continues collecting data in real time up to a microsecond resolution.

However, if the PLC/Control unit goes offline, the data will be saved on the unit’s storage/memory until it reconnects. The offline data will then be sent to the platform in the order it was created.

Flexible & Customizable

The platform can be customized to meet additional factors in the string fatigue algorithmic calculations according to your needs.

The platform’s layout, reports, navigation, and integrations are customizable.

Permissions and Roles System

You can assign a role to each single user in your company that interact with the platform to manage their access.

Permissions of each role and group can be assigned by any user with admin access.

Monthly Subscription With Flexible On Demand Customization

Monthly Subscription With Flexible On-Demand Customizations

You only pay for what you need. Our platform is customizable to meet your needs with flexible monthly subscription plans available.

The subscription includes all technical fees, no matter how many jobs or units utilized.

We determine your needs and then customize the platform to function accordingly.

Input your information and we’ll get in touch to walk you through the platform.

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What's CoilNet?

It's a real-time data acquisition platform for Coiled Tubing Units that connects the Rig to its online platform through the internet using only the Rig's PLC unit with no hardware Integration needed.

How does it help coiled tubing companies?

Since coiled tubing strings are the most valuable asset in the coiled tubing process, CoilNet monitors and reports the whole process, and provides these data in real-time: String Fatigue Calculations, Pre/Post Job Analysis, job depth, speed, temperature, and pressure. It mainly alerts ahead and predicts any string's close to breakup status, plus reporting any abusive usage by the operator of string in real-time.

What's its process impact?

CoilNet facilitates the monitoring and reporting process in real-time and post job analysis, which in return provides a tremendous help for decision-makers to optimize the coiled tubing process for maximum utilization.

Does it need any hardware component?

No, it's a software platform that simplify connects to the Rig's PLC through internet, with minimal, secured, and optimized code Integration.

Can it be accessed remotely?

Yes, you can access CoilNet from PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphones through the internet. So you can access the reports and alerts of all your all over the world form one platform with a click of a button.

What's its financial Impact?

Through the real-time analysis of the string and the pre/post job analysis, you can easily calculate and predict the impact of the job on the used string to take needed actions ahead. You can also monitor the operator work in real-time, and revise through the reports and charts.

How much does it cost?

It's a monthly subscription-based platform. So you only pay for your usage only with no integration fees.