Join our content marketing program

Our training program was initially crafted to help people getting along with the content line of work.

This program is only for whom might have the basic skills of marketing and writing, but yet not able to get along with the offered jobs of even lacking experience, or looking to improve their current skills.

Before joining our program you need to pass a test and then the interview to be accepted.

Here are the rules of our program which you need to agree and comply with:

1. You must be interesting in writing long form articles and love writing in general, as 90% of the program is focused on creating content and 10% for researches.

2. You must meet the deadlines of delivering each of the tasks assigned to you.

3.You must have the passion to learn and work in the content field.

4. You must the enough time to work and learn during the program as an average of 4 hours daily from Saturday to Thursday, for 3 months.

5. You will be given only 3 warning before getting disqualified from the program, so you must be committed to it before applying.

If you agree and comply with the above terms, please apply and upload the required test on the following link :