Internet of Things: top advantages and disadvantages

Internet of Things: top advantages and disadvantages

Feb 9, 2019

On one hand, you have probably come to your listening the quote “technology comes with its price” from which we can imply the dark side of technology.

On the other hand, you can be unintentionally biased to the technological advances popping around you every day and drive your life much easier and full of possibilities.

Having been introduced recently to the globe since last two decades, the internet of things can get exposed to your judgment all the times.

Is it really worth all the time, money, efforts and researches invested in this technology? Is there a possibility for the technology to turn against its creator?

Further inquiries and concerns may hit your mind and drive you in a drastic wonder.

On a much comprehensive scale, international debates have brought us the controversial topic about the functionality of technology and its impact on the human body.

Therefore, I have chosen to dedicate this article to spot the light into the newborn technology and weigh its advantages against the disadvantages.

What is IoT?

Without digging so deep into it, the internet of things is the idea of integrating things together to formulate a single network.

Dozens of data are transferred over this network.

Having been managed, analyzed and evaluated, these data get rich with valuable information and indications that lead to taking the optimum decision.

You may be wondering why I mentioned a plain word like things in such a scientific context and let it be so broad and vague.

To your surprise, that is as things here means literally everything including humans, devices, animals, plants and whatsoever.

The recent technology is concerned with integrating intelligence within every process down from operating the household appliances up to the huge industrial processes and establishing smart cities.

Creating smart cities” what huge leap humans are risking to take.

Though concerns are brought up sometimes regarding the IoT tech, the privileges of human advancement and revolutionary progress are so tempting as well.

Advantages of IoT Technology

The advantages of such a huge technology appear in several aspects and serve in many areas including the following:

Advantage one: extending the capacity data to take decisions.

As an IoT connected system gathers many devices, there will be a plenty of data comes from every single component in the network.

The increasing flow of information among the system enables the very end device to take the optimum decision for the good of the user.


Moreover, this also gives a possibility to promptly pick up any malfunctions within the system and report it to the user.

Example of such a privilege can be displayed when you connect your refrigerator to your cell phone so it can constantly notify you with your grocery needs.

Advantage two: Leading a more comfortable and smooth life.

A college professor of mine used to give a hilarious statement ”the more technology we reach, the bigger bellies we get”.

No matter the level of for this claim is, I think you will approve my words when I say that technology in general and IoT, in particular, has left us with ease and comfort.

Back to the previous refrigerator example, a decade ago the scenario for this situation would have been totally different.

Unluckily, you would have returned home and checked your needs on your own.

In 2018, you get notified with the data you want the place where you are.

More interestingly, you can connect your cell phone to the grocery store network nearby and list all your demands to be ready the time you want them.

All you have to do then is to drop by the store on your way home and get your needs.

All this would have been a fantasy if it hadn’t been for IoT tech.

Even you can give hundreds of examples from your daily routine for things you do in no time, but people a short time ago used to spend hours to get them done.

Thanks to IoT, you and I are witnessing an age where everything is literally within our reach throughout cell phones, remote control devices, and smart appliances.

Advantage three: boosting functionality and technicality of machines and devices.

Since IoT is getting pervasively involved in large firms and corporates, many devices and machines are now automatically operated without human interference.

Being automated, all the devices will be connected via software applications and data will be sent to the control space so as to be supervised by specialists.

This will contribute to maximizing control over all the system, detecting faults promptly and fixing them on the spot.

Accordingly, the machines will be in use for longer periods of time which will enhance the productivity of the firm.

Advantage four: Maximizing profits and revenues.

Since the globe is heading towards automation and integration of IoT in the big industries, businessmen started to invest large capitals in this technology.


You are probably thinking by now how they will get back all their money and whether the revenue rate resulting from IoT investments is worth such drastic risks?

Being almost labor-free firms, IoT will do a great favor for businessmen since they will no longer have to pay wages for the army of workers operating the machines.

Also, the growing productivity will assist in fostering the company sales and generate more profits and revenues.

Advantage five: IoT to improve human life and health care.

A huge portion of the credit for the high level of health care humans are witnessing now is due to IoT applications in many aspects.

The manufacturing of today’s artificial limbs would never come to exist without the integration of IoT features in their manufacturing processes.

Nowadays, electronic chips are planted inside the patient body to constantly evaluate its state and keep him/her under monitoring.

Also, the previous technique will contribute to a good extent to devote more spaces in hospitals for more serious cases as other patients can receive monitoring from their cozy homes.

The potential dark side of IoT technology

Like everything else, Scientists have sensed a number of drawbacks for the internet of things technology.

First, as technology requires knowledge. Obviously, a technology with such complexity and sophistication will demand a highly educated applicant to fit into the industry.

Second, security and privacy have posed the greatest threats against the recent tech.

Since the Internet of things involves the transfer of tons of data and information that extend frequently to touch personal details, fears about violating human security are always considered by its users.

Lastly, unlike its positive impact on the employers, the expansion of IoT inside companies and firms may represent a threat towards the employees and workers.

Anticipations about an imminent increase within the unemployment rate result to a high level from the continuous integration of technologies into the world.

To wrap up

Right now, you may not be much certain about the reality of IoT of being contributory to our life or conversely posing a threat to the human life.

Therefore, I have tried to display the most recognized advantages and disadvantages of the internet of things.

Personally, I have come to realize that it is just a matter of time before Technologies such as IoT take over.

Unless a revolution against evolution takes place, soon enough you and I will end up living in a world that operates automatically on its own.

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