What is IOT? And How can be applied in our real life?

What is IOT? And How can be applied in our real life?

Dec 6, 2019

Did you hear before about IoT?
Well, if your answer is yes, that is means you are curious about the upcoming technology.

If your answer is no, then you will be familiar with this term within the coming years.

Within this decade, technology amazes us with lots of surprises.

One of its recent surprises is IoT or the “Internet of things”.

IoT is about using the power of the internet beyond computers and other devices to the whole things, processes, and environment.

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of the internet of things, its importance and how it can be applied and on which field.

What is the internet of things “IoT”?


As a technical explanation, you can define the internet of things as the following:

The internet of things, or IoT, is a system of interrelated computing devices, mechanical and digital machines, objects, animals or people that are provided with unique identifiers (UIDs) and the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. “Margaret Rouse”

To be more simplified, you might read this article through your computer, smartphone or even if using your tablet.

To be able to read the article, your device must be connected to the internet.

This internet connection gives you lots of benefits such as, you can get any information that you want.

Also, you download your favorite book or the music that you prefer.

You can say that, the internet of things means taking all the things in the world and connecting them to the internet.” Calum McClelland”

These things collect your data or information and act on them to make your life easier.

For example, it can offer smart devices to automate homes.

What makes IoT that important, is that it become an essential tool for business.

IoT provides businesses with a real-time look into how their companies’ systems really work.
Delivering insights into everything from the performance of machines to supply chain and logistics operations.” Calum McClelland”

Why IoT is that important?

The internet of things makes people’s life easier.

They can get complete control using their smartphones.

In the near future, you can have an automated home and control every single function even if you are out of your home.

Many researchers stated that consumers will use IoT technology in making restaurant reservations, monitoring their overall progress and mental health, and know their children’s progress in their schools.

On the business side, the internet of things has a deep impact.

It enables many companies to automates all processes and reduce costs.

Businesses can use IoT to monitor supply chains, track customers’ spending habits as well collect their feedback, monitor and maintain inventory levels, and engage in predictive maintenance of their machines and devices. “John Terra”

IoT Applications

You do not need to wait and see the impact of IoT on the future.

The internet of things is already applied in various numbers of fields.

IoT makes various attractive options for consumers and businesses.

It started now with business sectors in many fields such as manufacturing, retail, energy, and industrial IoT.

It will continue with the consumers and will be essential for your life.

IoT is here to make your life easier.

Let’s discuss and explore some sectors that IoT can be applied.

Smart Home

One of the greatest applications of the internet of things on the consumer scale is a smart home.

You can control all your home using your phone or any device.

If you have a smart home, that is equipped with appliances lights and electronic devices, you can control it remotely using your smartphone.

Not only controlling your house but also smart building can reduce energy costs by sensors that indicate how many people in the room.

These sensors can adjust the temperature of the room automatically to make it comfortable for you.

For example, it can turn on the air conditioner if sensors detect that the room is full and there is a need for air.

Also, it can turn it off when everyone is gone from the room.

Smart city

Once IoT applied to houses, it can be applied to a bigger scale, cities.

Using IoT technologies can manage any city from daily activities ( water distribution or traffic management) to global activities ( waste management and environment monitoring).

Industrial IoT

The most important usage for IoT is being involved in the Business and industry sectors.

Industrial IoT (IIoT), is the use of IoT technologies in manufacturing.

Also, IIoT can be defined as the following:

The industrial internet of things (IIoT) refers to interconnected sensors, instruments, and other devices networked together with computers’ industrial applications, including manufacturing and energy management.
This connectivity allows for data collection, exchange, and analysis, potentially facilitating improvements in productivity and efficiency as well as other economic benefits. “Julia Weijs”

The main use of IIoT is connecting machines and devices in industries such as power generations, oil and gas, and healthcare.

It reduces many threaten such as unplanned system failure or life-threatening situations.

Also, the industrial internet of things helps businesses to save money and time.
You can say that including IIoT technologies can enhance employees’ productivity, make better decisions based on available data, and of course, generate more revenue.

Smart Retail

The internet of things provides lots of solutions for the retail field.

Using collected data and information can improve store operations, increase the number of purchases, and enable inventory management.

Also, it can enhance the customer’s shopping experience.

One of the most advantages of IoT is it helps retailers on targeting consumers based on their past purchases.

As IoT provides all information, retailers can use personalized promotions for their loyal customers.

Thus, there is no need for mass marketing that might cost them more.


In different fields, new technology came up with great implementations to make life easier and more comfortable for both customers and any industrial sectors.
until now, you might do not have a clear implementation in your daily life with IoT applications.
However, it started somehow in the business and industrial field, and with the coming century, it will be the essential technology to be used.

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