Web Solutions

Codovia Offers a Top Quality Complete Web Solution For Companies & Individuals

With us you don’t need to get in-depth of technologies or the production process at all, all what you need is just to tell us your idea for your product or service and leave all the geek work for us.

Just Give us your requirements and your general vision of your product or service and we will provide with a whole process model with a solid delivery date and friendly panel for you to control and fill up your website or application which will keep away from the high tech and cutting edge technologies we have added in the back end.

Our team of Developers and Designers understand that the success of any given product or service is a direct result of paying close attention to every single detail within the process stages.

From API development to CMS Customization, you are assured that our expert development team is able to completely get your project done to meet your goals and requirements. From Backends and API to WordPress and responsive mobile development, we can handle it all.

Codovia Offers a Top Quality Complete Web Solution For Companies & Individuals
Content Management System

Content Management System

We offer a Complete Solution of WordPress services for design, development and API within the WordPress content management system.

Big section of websites including the famous ones already running on WordPress as a CMS for both blog and shop since its very flexible for customizing it to build your own shop, blog and company profile website according to your requirement.

With each wordpress project we provide a friendly admin panel for your to Add/Edit all your website content including Videos, Pictures and Text content without any knowledge of programming language or any hustle at all.

E-Commerce & Online Marketplaces

We provide E-commerce solution for any type of business, or commercial transaction, that involves the transfer of digital materials and we also cover a big range of different types of business models, from consumer based retail sites, through auction , to corporations exchanges trading goods and services across the globe.

We offer you a wide range of payment methods with a reliable shopping cart for your client to purchase your products or services, track orders, and tie together all features of ecommerce into one cohesive whole online shop or marketplace.

E-Commerce & Online Marketplaces
Business to Business (B2B)
Business to Consumer (B2C)
Consumer to Consumer (C2C)
Consumer to Business (C2B)
Business to Administration (B2A)
Consumer to Administration (C2A)

UX/UI Design & Development

We create websites according the marketing standpoint, looking for results that meets your requirements as a primary goal.

Your website might be very nice looking but incredibly ineffective and your might be confused as to why it doesn’t work as your main goal of your website is mostly bringing your leads, exposure and business? and here comes the use of the User Experience.

Responsive Layout

We providing a full responsive layouts which make your website stands out on mobile , tables and any smart devices to give your visitors the best experience.

Cross Browsers Ready

We care about each browser when we design the website to make sure that you never lose a visitor no matter what platform or browser he is using.

User Friendly Backend

We provide a User Friendly GUI at the back-end which allows you to add all your data without any knowledge of programming languages and make it east to control the whole website.

SEO Ready

We provide you a well structured website for Search Engine Bots to easily archive it which helps your site to stand out in search engines results.

API : Application Program Interface


We create your desired API for all types of projects and requirements you have fully object oriented and reliable clean coded core, with our experience in both .NET and PHP APIs we deliver a secured, compliant and flexible APIs for your applications.

We also support a framework built APIs according to your exact requirements and also customizing your already made API including the framework based.

We can also integrate all the famous APIs into your website or application, such as : Google Maps API, YouTube APIs, Flickr API, Twitter APIs, Amazon Product Advertising API and many more.

API : Application Program Interface